Allergen SEA55

Allergens SEA55 is an efficient allergy diagnostic test for simultaneous analysis of specific IgE against 55 allergens in the categories of inhalation, food, cross reactions, atopy, pediatrics and insect venoms. It requires a small amount of serum (100-400uL) and therefore ideal for pediatrics. It includes an integrated cross-reactive carbohydrate determinant (CCD) marker for improved interpretation of cross reactions among allergens that contain cross-reactive glycoproteins with oligo-saccharide side chains.

It improves the interpretation of the overall test results in cases where the clinical symptoms disagree with the specific IgE result obtained. Allergens SEA55 has an agreement of results of 96% with quality assessment institutes including INSTAND e.V., Germany; MQ, Switzerland; NEQAS, UK and RfB, Germany.

1. Bermuda grass
2. Timothy grass
3. Grass mix: Sweet vernal grass, Bermuda grass, Timothy grass, Cultivated rye
4. Acacia
5. Oil palm
6. Latex
7. Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus
8. Dermatophagoides farinae
9. Dermatophagoides microceras
10. Tyrophagus putrescentiae
11. Glycyphagus domesticus
12. Blomia tropicalis
13. Cat
14. Dog
15. Horse
16. nBos d6 BSA (Milk)
17. Feather mix 1: Chicken feathers,
Duck feathers, Goose feathers
18. Kapok
19. Honey bee venom
20. Cockroach (German)
21. Candida albicans
22. Mould mix 1: Penicillium notatum, Cladosporium herbarum, Aspergillus fumigatus, Alternaria alternata
23. Wheat flour
24. Gluten
25. Peanut
26. Soybean
27. Hazelnut
28. Almond
29. Baker’s yeast
30. Glutamate
31. Egg white
32. Cow’s milk
33. nBos d4 alpha-lactalbumin (Milk)
34. nBos d5 Beta-lactalbumin (Milk)
35. nBos d8 Casein (Milk)
36. Shellfish mix 1: Spiny lobster,Oyster, Clam
37. Codfish
38. Tuna
39. Salmon
40. Crab
41. Shrimp/Prawn
42. Lobster
43. Duck meat
44. Beef, cooked
45. Pork, cooked
46. Chicken
47. Lamb meat
48. Cheddar cheese
49. Tomato
50. Garlic
51. Strawberry
52. Kiwi
53. Coffee
54. Chocolate
55. CCD marker indicator*

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