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The Curious Incident of the False Lipemia Index Alert

Laboratorians utilize the HIL index to detect potential analytical interference from hemolysis, icterus, and lipemia (HIL) in serum and plasma samples. Thus, implicit to an HIL index alert is the presence of significant hemolysis, icterus, or lipemia in a sample. Indeed, in our experience, lipemia index alerts are accurate 99.9% of the time. But what […]

Challenging the Status Quo on Quality Control

A recent study of current SQC practices in U.S. laboratories found that 21 leading academic laboratories surveyed typically employ two standard deviation (SD) control limits in spite of their known high false rejection rate. It also found that labs generally use a minimum number of control measurements per run (two) and often perform the minimum […]

Early Diagnosis of Critically Ill Newborns

Use of this pipeline, which incorporated a machine learning process and clinical natural language processing (CLNP), could be key in broadly disseminating rapid whole genome sequencing (rWGS) to neonatal intensive care units (NICU), according to the researchers. Standard rWGS with manual analysis and interpretation of genomic data for diagnosing genetic disorders in newborns typically takes […]